Comfort Systems USA—Central Texas is committed to creating a zero-harm work environment. The well-being of our team is an integral part of our program planning and is managed by our safety director who tracks progress and implements solutions throughout the lifecycle of all projects.

Our goal is to create an accident-free environment through leadership, communication, and employee involvement and recognition. By fostering an attitude of safety-consciousness, our key leaders develop a spirit of zero-harm and reduce incidents as a result.

Our employees receive comprehensive health and safety orientations, company-specific safety training, project-specific safe work practices training, and certification in the OSHA 10-hour course.

Managers and supervisors receive OSHA 30-hour training, along with lessons in leadership and other proprietary leadership and safety training. In addition, we provide our employees with innovative equipment and the tools they need to perform their work safely.

Comfort Systems USA has an exceptional pre-task and pre-job technique. Our “Think 5 x 5” safety initiative increases employee awareness and encourages them to “take 5 seconds and take 5 steps back” to think about their surroundings and work area and make sure it’s a completely safe work environment.

We benchmark and track safety in many areas, including workplace safety, automobile accidents, and general liability, to assure that we’re taking a proactive approach to addressing safety concerns. Managers at all levels of our organization have a profound effect on the safety culture and continually advocate for positive change within our team to avoid complacency. Staying committed and involved keeps our workplace and worksites actively headed towards a harm-free environment.